Monday, September 1, 2014

The Penguin Trot

Hey everyone, this week started out rough after our sunburns. The face was fine, but our knees hurt really bad this week, so much that it was hard walking. Until about Friday we were doing the penguin trot until we started peeling. My lesson learned: Never share your payung (umbrella) with others. I have been using an umbrella the whole week so the sun doesn't lick my skin anymore.
But otherwise, this week was very good. :)
We met a couple eternal investigators, and we of course could have just taught them the same old lessons, but instead we just had a basic conversation, first about why they have a religion, and what's important to them. And then we worked to figure out what was keeping them from joining our church, because they have come to our church on and off for years, and then we brought it all around the Gospel and seemed to get a solid commitment from them to actually take the steps of reading, praying, and coming to church to see if it was true. In the past, they would do one, and perhaps one would pray and feel like the Catholic church was true, but then they wouldn't take time to read the Book of Mormon, which is the one sure way to knowing the church is true. I hope that they ponder what we taught and take the time to read. :)
Then our other investigators, Mau and Ericsson weren't able to meet this week, but we called them up and tried to set up a time to meet with them, and we asked if they had done their home work (which was a hand written sheet of questions, asking about the Introduction to the Book of Mormon) and they said they were in the middle of doing it. Kind of cool.
 That is something Elder Allen and I are doing now, giving them homework each lesson so that we know if they are bothering to read or not. That's one way we can know if they are progressing or not. This next week our goal is to get them on a date. I'm really hopeful for those two. They are the younger siblings of an awesome member, Michael. :)
On Friday we had a little party anniversary for the death of a member's son. one year ago he died. It was actually kind of sad, because not very many people came. They made the best pork and spaghetti ever though. I will definitely miss the pork from Malaysia, because in America we sure don't know how to cook pork right. (Unless it's bacon)..

This week my companion and I went hard on learning Tagalog. We've been making good progress on it, but it's the members that are our main source. Most people even if they aren't from the Philippines understand Tagalog, just because it's a pretty commonly used language here. There's another language up my sleeve. Malay, Iban, and Tagalog.
Che ching, one more week over, 2 more until next Singapore trip. Cheers, my friends.


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