Assalamua'alaikum saudara dan saudari. 
I hope you all had a good week. This week was rather challenging as a few disappointments came up, but it wasn't entirely bad. This week Elder Allen and I had one of our investigators drop us. She told us on the phone that she didn't want to continue learning the "Bible" anymore. So after that we have a couple other investigating families to work with, one of them are the siblings of Michael. But he was stuck in KK all week and his siblings were sick so they didn't work out either this week. Our branch social activity also failed when our games kind of fell apart when the white board fell down from its stand.. But there is always next week. :)
Just as a small announcement, I will not be going to KK this Saturday but I will be going next Saturday. Meaning Wednesday through Friday I will be in Singapore and Saturday and Sunday I'll be in KK. So that is one loooooonnngg p-week. Seriously we might get three lessons in maybe if we have time. The rest of it is meetings and travelling. I am kind of excited for the 6 hour bus ride with the members next Saturday though :). 
Also I get to see elder Ormsby again this Wednesday for zone meeting but I don't think he will have time to do exchanges again, only enough time for zone meeting and lunch before they fly to Tawau. 

As for good things that happened this week, we do have 3 other investigators that have been deemed as eternal investigators, but I can see a real change in them as they truly take the commitments to read and pray sincerely. In my opinion, people can go to church every week for 10 years and still not internally have a testimony of the Church. Same with me. I would say I didn't have a testimony until I read the book of Mormon all the way through about when I was 15. Same with the people here. It is necessary to read it, or no true conversion will jadi.. (happen)
Weve been trying our best to find new investigators. We just did a huge fireside on missionary work and challenged the branch to bring two new people to church each person. We've been following up with those members and it hasn't shown any results yet but still working on it.. 
A member gave me a pink pokadot shirt because of my pink skin..... 
So yeah that was basically my week. This week I'm hoping Michael comes back from KK so that we can start meeting our investigators Ericsson and Mau. 

Anyway Elder Funk and Elder Allen (from missionary department) came to the Singapore mission but didn't come to Borneo. Seemed like their meeting was pretty intense. Don't know the full story yet though. 
Elder Vincent