Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hey this week was okay.
Got my 30 day extension in the area and then had to deal with 3 of our district leaving. Big apartment for me and my new companion, Elder Strathearn. We get our own showers which is nice. Elder Ormsby also commented that they get to sleep in beds the next time they are here. haha. They usually use the couches.
Overall things have been going ok with our work. We got quite a few referrals and one of them is from a member from Kuching that has a friend in Sandakan. She seems super excited to meet us, we will be going to see her at 3:30 on Saturday. I say that because I have never had somebody in Sabah tell me what time exactly they want to meet. They usually have this idea that they don't know what time they are available. This girl is different though.
Anyway, we are white washing the other part of Sandakan. I already kind of knew the area before hand from doing splits, but still don't know where a couple of the members live in their area. But we will keep going like normal.

Anyway, that 30 days means that I probably only have 3 more weeks before something has to be done with my visa. That means either I get an early transfer to Singapore, or I try to extend my visa in KK. Still waiting to hear any instructions from Prez. That's about it. Not much for this week.

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